A Prayer for Our Church

I have been praying this prayer in some form or fashion for nearly 2 years.   I invite you to join me, should you be so led.



God, grant us a spirit of repentance.   Help us to see our sin as you see it, and to turn away from that which displeases you.

God, help us to fear you.  Forgive us for running our lives and our churches as though you are not the Judge standing at the door.   Instill in us a holy fear of you, O God, that we would tremble once more at your word and know you as holy and righteous.

God, humble us.  Bring us down, Lord.  Forgive us for our prideful hearts and polished tongues.  Forgive us for not putting the needs of others before our own.  Forgive us for being more suspicious of your word than we are our own desires, thoughts, feelings and theologies.

God, bring revival to our churches!  Cleanse us from all impurity and unrighteousness and bring a holy fire upon us, one that will transform each and every person from the inside out.   Let our churches be places filled with the Holy Spirit, that all who enter these doors may know they are in the presence of a holy and loving God, one who has the power and desire to make us not better, but new.   Create in us clean hearts, and renew a right spirit within us.

God, may our churches be overflowing with people hungry and thirsty.  May they have hearts soft and ready to hear the good news of the gospel, and may our pulpits be filled with preachers on fire for Jesus, eager to see souls saved.  Let our altars be lined with new converts falling over one another to get closer to the cross, and may we all grow up together, maturing in Christ, that you may present us all holy and blameless before Your Father in heaven.   Restore in us all a spirit of dependence, that we would want no other food than that which your hand provides.

And God, let all this begin in me.   Today. This hour, and forevermore.

In the precious, wonderful name of Jesus I ask this.  Amen.



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