Meditations – “Who Are My Brothers And Sisters?”

Thank you, William. In my study this morning I came upon 2 John, which states that love is “walking according to his commandments.” Love is obedience. Jesus said that his friends are those who obey his commands (John 15:14). It was a hard reckoning for me a few years ago to ask myself the question, while living in habitual sexual sin, “Would Jesus consider me his friend?” Thankfully, he is willing and able to restore us to not just friendship, but sonship, for all who will come to their senses and come home. Praise God!

Leslie Courtney


I often like to meditate on things during my time at work or when I go for walks out in my neighborhood. I meditate on how I feel, recent events in my life, or on the scriptures. Occasionally, God will bring to my mind a certain scripture or theme upon which I will meditate on. And yesterday was no different. Often times we regularly hear of people talking about those who are our Christian “brothers and sisters,” and usually we also hear people saying that despite our different systems of belief or lifestyle, we are still brothers and sisters in the Lord because of our love of Jesus Christ. Because in the end that is really all that matters, right? As long as a person loves Jesus or says or even thinks that they love Christ, then that makes them my brother or sister, right? I began to meditate on…

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